Adopt an Author at the Brighton Dome

It was my huge privileged to take part in this year’s Adopt an Author project as part of the Brighton Festival.

Adopt an Author sees local schools team up with authors and work with them for six weeks. They are each supplied with a copy of the authors book to read throughout the project. In my case, each member of my team received The Amber Pendant, the first in The Rose Muddle Mysteries. (Which is actually set in Brighton.)

My Team were from Carden Primary – and they were FANTASTIC! It was such a joy to see their writing skills progress, and their ideas and creativity blew me away. We had: Brighton and Hove Albion UFOs, stolen stones from a stone circle, and, even a goal keeper, Keeper Kev, who had extraordinarily long arms to keep the net free from balls!

The tasks I set Team Carden included: solving a real-life local mystery set in the Brighton Aquarium. Developing really believable and terrifying baddies – and best of all, in the final task they put together all their work on the beginning, middle and ends of their stories, and wrote their very own books!

At the end, we all met up at The Brighton Dome for a party! They got dressed up, did a Rose Muddle quiz – and left with Black Sun tattoos on their wrists! (-sorry about that – but they do wash off!)

It was SO much fun – and  amazing for me to actually put faces to the authors of the fabulous stories they’d written.

I was so touched when they presented me with the ACTUAL books they’d made, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Just the best presents, ever. I will treasure them forever. Thank you.

You see, projects like Adopt an Author are very special. They reach children of all abilities, (not just the gifted and talented,) and provide a platform that enables the authors involved to really get to know each individual child – and explore the gifts and talents each of them absolutely have, and help them to develop these over a period of weeks.

As a result, we now have children that didn’t like reading that now do. Children that didn’t think they could write creatively, that now know they can – and, I should say, brilliantly!

So, it’s a massive thank you to Young City Reads for organising this project asking me to take part. A massive pat on the back to my Team Carden Primary for being totally awesome and making my experience so rewarding. (Especially, Head Teacher, Helen Longton-Howorth, for facilitating my tasks so marvellously her end.)

And, a big shout out to schools everywhere to run something similar. The rewards are HUGE!

If you’re interested to learn more about Adopt an Author, or, would like to see the tasks I set my Team Carden – you can do so here:





Whoopie! The Secret Ruby is here!

Rose-Muddle-Twitter-Graphic-Out-Now-with logo (002)

The next instalment of The Rose Muddle Mysteries is out today! The Secret Ruby has been so much fun to write. I really hope you all enjoy it! It is set in Jaipur and is full of mystery and magic, monsters and friendship!

“Rose and Rui are back with Bahula the monkey in tow, and a brand-new, action-packed mystery to solve… The pair must travel to Jaipur to return Mr Gupta’s ruby to his family. But unbeknownst to them, they are being followed by a member of the Brotherhood of the Black Sun, and dark secrets await them when they dock in India…”



Book 2 in The Rose Muddle Mysteries: The Secret Ruby is being published by Usborne on 3rd May 2018!



Here is the cover for The Secret Ruby! Designed by the incredible Davide Ortu. I absolutely LOVE IT!

“Rose and Rui are back with Bahula the monkey in tow, and a brand-new, action-packed mystery to solve… The pair must travel to Jaipur to return Mr Gupta’s ruby to his family. But unbeknownst to them, they are being followed by a member of the Brotherhood of the Black Sun, and dark secrets await them when they dock in India…”

It is being released on 3rd May 2018! I really hope you enjoy it! 🙂

The next Rose Muddle Mystery – The Secret Ruby Cover Reveal!

The cover reveal for the next Rose Muddle Mystery is here! Hooray! Huge thanks to @BookLoverJo for featuring it. Illustrated by the hugely talented Davide Ortu and Usborne’s Will Steele.

This next adventure takes Rose, Rui and Bahula to India – for another dangerous mystery – featuring dark magic, twists and monsters! The Secret Ruby is released in May 2018!

Check out the cover and a guest blog from me, here:


So excited that Rose Muddle and me are Carden Primary’s Adopt an Author for this years Brighton Festival!


Look at my fantastic Adopt an Author team, Carden Primary, clutching their copies of #RoseMuddle!

I am particularly pleased to be sharing The Amber Pendant – a story set in Edwardian Brighton and Hove – with a local school. It is just brilliant!

This is such a fabulous project – and I feel so privileged to be taking part this year. My thanks to Young City Reads too…

So, from the beginning of March I will be in contact with my Adopt an Author team, setting them tasks – and talking about their writing – and then, towards the end of May, I will be meeting them all at the Brighton Dome, for a workshop and a chat. I can’t wait! – we are going to have SO much fun! :)))



Mods and Rockers Baddie Workshop!

Here are just a few of the BRILLIANT baddies we created at Silverdale Primary Academy on Friday. It was so much fun! We spoke about what makes a believable baddie, and which are our favourite baddies and why – and how giving them a weakness is important…

We based our baddie armies on an element of local history from Hastings – The Battle of Hastings… Well, the 1964 Mods and Rockers invasion at least!

I was totally blown away by the scale of imagination and creativity these year 5 classes had. I especially liked the Rocker baddie – who had a snake printed on the back of his leather jacket that could shoot out venom! And, my favourite baddie weaknesses, has to be Brussels sprouts!

Thank you so much for having me visit! :))))


Happy New Year – and thank you!


I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! And to thank you all for your #RoseMuddle support over these last six months, I feel very fortunate to have you all!
Thanks to everyone who sold and promoted The Amber Pendant – lots of fabulous support from #UsborneBooksatHome and the many independent book shops especially.
And to all of you who bought and read The Amber Pendant!  With an extra special thanks to those who took the time to write a review. (30 x reviews on Amazon – just amazing!)…/dp/1474927…/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0…

Also a big thank you to Waterstones at Lakeside Shopping Centre, Waterstones Ashford for having me visit and sign books. To Waterstones Hastings for their incredible ongoing help and support.

The Book Nook and City Books in Hove for the window displays and to the many schools who I’ve been privileged to visit. Wonderful!

But, most of all to Becky Walker, my amazing editor at Usborne who has put so much love and time into making this book what it is. And to the whole Usborne Team for their collective enthusiasm and hard work. Such an amazing first six months.

I am hugely looking forward to 2018 and the release of book two in the Rose Muddle Mysteries…

Wishing you all a happiness filled New Year – full of good books!