The Palace Cat written for Fulham Palace

Want to step through time with a magic cat anyone? Well, now you can!

I am delighted to share my latest book, written during a lock-down to a tight deadline for the wonderful Fulham Palace. It contains real historical stories from the palace and was an absolute pleasure to research and deliver. Ooo -and it has a cute little mouse hidden on each page! 🪕🐭 CUTE!

Best of all, I learnt how to write an actual picture book – telling a story in so few words is pretty tricky! The illustrations are by Jo Williamson and are completely incredible. Jo had to research and draw all these amazing historical costumes, and I got to see them develop from sketches into the finished pieces – such a treat! My thanks to the wonderfully organised and patient Suzan Aral who project managed the whole thing. Awesome. My thanks also to the lovely people at Fulham Palace. I’m really chuffed with it!

World Book Day at Carden Primary! Just WOW!

Imagine turning up to a school for World Book Day to discover half the school and teachers dressed as your book characters! I was completely blown away! Even the head and deputy head had dressed up as Rose Muddle and a member of The Black Sun!

Rose Muddle with Imogen

Picture of the teaching staff in all manner of Rose Muddleness!

I attended dressed as the Edwardian fortuneteller Enna Lee, from The Rose Muddle Mysteries and I had with me my trusty Butler, (AKA my husband!) John Crank.


Rose Muddle was just about everywhere I looked at Carden! They had Rose Muddle doors, Rose muddle painted stones that had been hidden around the local area, Rose Muddle poems on the walls. They showed me the local mystery project I had set for them as part of City Reads Adopt an Author last year – The Case of the Missing Lumpfish, which is set in Victorian times at The Brighton Aquarium. They had made the paper for their stories look all aged – like manuscripts!

After the assembly I had prepared talking about Rose Muddle and Local Mysteries they might like to use in their own stories. We set to – with an atmospheric writing challenge, all about the Bronze Age Amber Cup in Brighton Museum – which inspired me to start writing Rose Muddle in the first place…


Here it is – The Amber Cup (Picture Credit: Brighton Museum)

We set the scene with moody weather, and they had to imagine they were the actual Victorian workman who unearthed this bronze Age cup from beneath a giant burial mound that once stood in the centre of Hove. They had to describe the scene using all their senses: Taste, Sound, Smell, Touch, Sight and Feelings. Then, once the cup was uncovered, something mindbogglingly magical had to happen…

The results were tremendous! I was so pleased when one of the teachers commented that it was the best writing he had seen many of them ever do! I felt extremely proud of them all. I was amazed by the scope of their imaginations and just how much they applied themselves to this writing challenge. Full marks Carden Primary!

Carden Primary is a brilliant school, I would have loved for my own children to have gone there. So much enthusiasm for learning creatively. Best of all, I was told Rose Muddle is now on the curriculum for a topic next year! How wonderful! I’m looking forward to returning soon. Thank you Carden Primary – you do most certainly ROCK! xxx

Here are some more fab costumes and decorated doors from the day!




WBD doors 2019 005

WBD doors 2019 001

WBD doors 2019 004

Hurst Primary School Visit!


It was such a great pleasure to spend the day at this delightful school in Bexley. We spoke about all kinds of strange local mysteries from in and around Bexley – and, my oh my, did we unearth some strange happenings! We had The Beast of Bexley, the ghostly occurrences at Hall Place, The Black Prince, topiary creatures springing to life and even a rather bizarre UFO sighting from the 1950s!

The pupils were so full of wonderful ideas and they all created incredible stories of their own, using real local mysteries as their inspiration! Thanks so much for having me visit – and I hope to be popping back soon to look at your finished stories! – I can’t wait!

FREE HALF-TERM #RoseMuddle EVENT at HASTINGS LIBRARY! Saturday 23rd Feb. 11am-1pm

Book Launch Signing Imogen

I am really looking forward to chatting Rose Muddle at this FREE event taking place at Hastings Library this half term! There will be activities, a book reading, character costumes, real Baltic amber to handle – and a quiz too, with some bookmark giveaways. (Depending on numbers!) I really hope you can make it!

Sat 23rd Feb. 11am-1pm. Hastings Library. Ages 8+

Delighted that my ‘Elva’ stories feature in Brighton Museum’s new archaeology gallery!

The new Elaine Evans Archaeology Gallery is opening on 26th January 2019 at Brighton Museum – and I am thrilled that my Prehistory short stories are included throughout the displays.


The centrepieces of this gallery, alongside many amazing artefacts, are incredible reconstructed busts of actual ancestors who lived in Brighton throughout Prehistory. These are so realistic, that you feel as though you could walk up to them and spark up a conversation! Quite remarkable.

The gallery itself is aimed at children aged 8-12, and for my part, I was commissioned by the museum to create a series of short stories to accompany the artefacts and installations of each Prehistory era, which are set out in sections throughout the gallery.

ice age 2

(Elva listening to a story in the Ice Age. Illustration Jen Khatun)

The stories follow twelve year old Elva as she time travels through Brighton’s Prehistory. Within just 100 words allocated for each tale,  I wanted to conjure up the sights, sounds, smells and atmosphere of each era, and I hope, a little bit of magic too!

Local illustrator, Jen Khatun’s, wonderful illustrations see Elva brought to life.

One artefact I was especially delighted to be on display is the Hove Amber Cup.


(Hove Amber Cup – Picture Credit Brighton Museum)

This Bronze Age cup crafted from Baltic Amber and discovered under a giant burial mound that once stood in the centre of Hove – is the object that inspired me to start writing in the first place! The first of The Rose Muddle Mysteries, The Amber Pendant, (Usborne) has this cup positioned at the centre of the mystery! So, to now have my stories alongside it in the museum is fantastic!


The gallery opens January 26th 2019!


Roedean School’s ‘Murder by the Sea’Literary Festival!

I had the best time meeting the pupils attending Roedean School’s ‘Murder by the Sea’ literary festival. It was a fabulous event that included a treasure hunt, forensic workshops and author talks. All set against the dramatic backdrop of the school itself, which overlooks the English Channel. Best of all, they had the ‘secret’ tunnel open which connects the school to the shores below the steep chalk cliffs! How cool is that?

Picture: Me standing in front of a huge Rose Muddle backdrop in the theatre!


Adopt an Author at the Brighton Dome

It was my huge privileged to take part in this year’s Adopt an Author project as part of the Brighton Festival.

Adopt an Author sees local schools team up with authors and work with them for six weeks. They are each supplied with a copy of the authors book to read throughout the project. In my case, each member of my team received The Amber Pendant, the first in The Rose Muddle Mysteries. (Which is actually set in Brighton.)

My Team were from Carden Primary – and they were FANTASTIC! It was such a joy to see their writing skills progress, and their ideas and creativity blew me away. We had: Brighton and Hove Albion UFOs, stolen stones from a stone circle, and, even a goal keeper, Keeper Kev, who had extraordinarily long arms to keep the net free from balls!

The tasks I set Team Carden included: solving a real-life local mystery set in the Brighton Aquarium. Developing really believable and terrifying baddies – and best of all, in the final task they put together all their work on the beginning, middle and ends of their stories, and wrote their very own books!

At the end, we all met up at The Brighton Dome for a party! They got dressed up, did a Rose Muddle quiz – and left with Black Sun tattoos on their wrists! (-sorry about that – but they do wash off!)

It was SO much fun – and  amazing for me to actually put faces to the authors of the fabulous stories they’d written.

I was so touched when they presented me with the ACTUAL books they’d made, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Just the best presents, ever. I will treasure them forever. Thank you.

You see, projects like Adopt an Author are very special. They reach children of all abilities, (not just the gifted and talented,) and provide a platform that enables the authors involved to really get to know each individual child – and explore the gifts and talents each of them absolutely have, and help them to develop these over a period of weeks.

As a result, we now have children that didn’t like reading that now do. Children that didn’t think they could write creatively, that now know they can – and, I should say, brilliantly!

So, it’s a massive thank you to Young City Reads for organising this project asking me to take part. A massive pat on the back to my Team Carden Primary for being totally awesome and making my experience so rewarding. (Especially, Head Teacher, Helen Longton-Howorth, for facilitating my tasks so marvellously her end.)

And, a big shout out to schools everywhere to run something similar. The rewards are HUGE!

If you’re interested to learn more about Adopt an Author, or, would like to see the tasks I set my Team Carden – you can do so here:




Whoopie! The Secret Ruby is here!

Rose-Muddle-Twitter-Graphic-Out-Now-with logo (002)

The next instalment of The Rose Muddle Mysteries is out today! The Secret Ruby has been so much fun to write. I really hope you all enjoy it! It is set in Jaipur and is full of mystery and magic, monsters and friendship!

“Rose and Rui are back with Bahula the monkey in tow, and a brand-new, action-packed mystery to solve… The pair must travel to Jaipur to return Mr Gupta’s ruby to his family. But unbeknownst to them, they are being followed by a member of the Brotherhood of the Black Sun, and dark secrets await them when they dock in India…”



Book 2 in The Rose Muddle Mysteries: The Secret Ruby is being published by Usborne on 3rd May 2018!



Here is the cover for The Secret Ruby! Designed by the incredible Davide Ortu. I absolutely LOVE IT!

“Rose and Rui are back with Bahula the monkey in tow, and a brand-new, action-packed mystery to solve… The pair must travel to Jaipur to return Mr Gupta’s ruby to his family. But unbeknownst to them, they are being followed by a member of the Brotherhood of the Black Sun, and dark secrets await them when they dock in India…”

It is being released on 3rd May 2018! I really hope you enjoy it! 🙂

The next Rose Muddle Mystery – The Secret Ruby Cover Reveal!

The cover reveal for the next Rose Muddle Mystery is here! Hooray! Huge thanks to @BookLoverJo for featuring it. Illustrated by the hugely talented Davide Ortu and Usborne’s Will Steele.

This next adventure takes Rose, Rui and Bahula to India – for another dangerous mystery – featuring dark magic, twists and monsters! The Secret Ruby is released in May 2018!

Check out the cover and a guest blog from me, here: