Delighted that my ‘Elva’ stories feature in Brighton Museum’s new archaeology gallery!

The new Elaine Evans Archaeology Gallery is opening on 26th January 2019 at Brighton Museum – and I am thrilled that my Prehistory short stories are included throughout the displays.


The centrepieces of this gallery, alongside many amazing artefacts, are incredible reconstructed busts of actual ancestors who lived in Brighton throughout Prehistory. These are so realistic, that you feel as though you could walk up to them and spark up a conversation! Quite remarkable.

The gallery itself is aimed at children aged 8-12, and for my part, I was commissioned by the museum to create a series of short stories to accompany the artefacts and installations of each Prehistory era, which are set out in sections throughout the gallery.

ice age 2

(Elva listening to a story in the Ice Age. Illustration Jen Khatun)

The stories follow twelve year old Elva as she time travels through Brighton’s Prehistory. Within just 100 words allocated for each tale,  I wanted to conjure up the sights, sounds, smells and atmosphere of each era, and I hope, a little bit of magic too!

Local illustrator, Jen Khatun’s, wonderful illustrations see Elva brought to life.

One artefact I was especially delighted to be on display is the Hove Amber Cup.


(Hove Amber Cup – Picture Credit Brighton Museum)

This Bronze Age cup crafted from Baltic Amber and discovered under a giant burial mound that once stood in the centre of Hove – is the object that inspired me to start writing in the first place! The first of The Rose Muddle Mysteries, The Amber Pendant, (Usborne) has this cup positioned at the centre of the mystery! So, to now have my stories alongside it in the museum is fantastic!


The gallery opens January 26th 2019!


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